Pair of Underwater Rugby blades 450 mm length C5 carbon
Pair of Underwater Rugby blades 450 mm length C5 carbon
  • Pair of Underwater Rugby blades 450 mm length C5 carbon

Pair of Underwater Rugby blades 450 mm length C5 carbon

UR B450 B(x)C5

Our blades are specially designed to improve propulsion during the action phases of underwater hockey. More compact, the 450 series are nervous and allow a very fast activation.The blades have a specific composite structure that supports torsion and flexion in all directions while maintaining maximum thrust. They are fully protected and approved for competition. T-profiles on the leading edges to ensure good guidance Water droplet profiles on the trailing edge for protection. C5 carbon provides 15-20% more energy return than fiberglass and the blades are more responsive. You can compete with the best. They can be fitted with Beuchat, Seac, Mares, Pathos and Imersion footpockets.

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This blade is suitable for players who need to trigger short accelerations over 5 or 6 meters. The 450 series has a higher velocity than the 500 series but with the same stiffness and for the same composite, it will be less powerful. To choose the right stiffness, it is important to take into account your body size and your level of practice. The hardness gives more power but requires more effort, with the repetition of the efforts, the muscles are very solicited. To help you, use our 'which model for me?' selector. The most experienced players can add 1 level to the recommended stiffness index. Blade breakage can occur if the blade is stuck (cannot bend) on the edge or bottom of the pool. The push-off must be done on the foot, not on the blade. Repeated push-offs on the blade will create micro-traumas on the fibers that are invisible to the naked eye and one day, while the player is bladening quietly, the blade breaks.


Your fibreglass or carbon blade can break : 

  •  If the fin is stuck (the end of the fin is stuck, all the weight is on the blade and it cannot bend) => Do not push off with the blade on the bottom, the side of the pool or on the bottom of the water
  • If you jump into the water with the blade parallel to the water.

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