Whenever possible, we try to repair the products we have made to make them last longer.

We only work on our own branded blades, on our custom made footpockets and we only replace or fit SEAC Motus, MARES Razor, Beuchat Mundial, Imersion and Pathos footpockets.

For all operations, we only use cyanoacrylate glue (Super glue, Cyanolite, etc...) not neoprene glue.
If you try to do some repairs yourself, be careful with the actions you take, they can damage the fin and make any repair impossible. (drilling the fin, gluing it with a glue other than cyanoacrylate, cutting the fin, riveting, etc.)

You will find out in our price list the details and the price of the reparations we can make for you. It is just an indicative price. When we receive your fins we will send you a quote with the details of the repairs and the price. When shipping the fins, please add in the parcel  this document with the details of the repairs you want us to do. While sending the fin for reparation DON'T FORGET TO TICK THE BOX ' FOR REPARATION' or 'NO VALUE' or we will have to pay taxes that we will charge you to get the fins. Any question, any doubt ? Please send us some pictures using the contact form.


Replacing a fin :

If you have lost a fin, we can make a single fin to replace it.
Please note that if the fin is old, the decor will be different and the construction of the fins has evolved over the years, so you may have a slightly different feel.

Changing a blade:

If your footpocket is still in good condition and your blade is broken, we can disassemble it and put it on a new fin. Same remark as before concerning the decoration and the structure.

Changing a footpocket :

Footpockets are not immortal, they wear out like tyres !
They wear out more or less quickly depending on how they are used and how well they are cared for (rinse abundantly with clear water, do not dry near a heat source, do not use Vaseline).
If the blades are in good condition, this is a no problem operation.

We can change only one footpocket, but in our experience, unless there is an accident, when one shoe is worn enough to tear, the other usually follows quickly.
If you buy second hand BREIER fins, we can also change the footpockets to your size.

Adjusting custom footpocket :

This is a fairly simple operation to do (see below) but we can do it for you.

Changing the water rails :

The water rails are used to protect the blade. Some athletes tend to overlap more than others while finning, so they can wear out quickly. We can change them for you, but you can also do this yourself (see below). The different water rails are for sale on the website.

Change the velcro strap on the instep:

Some of our custom-made footpockets have a Velcro strap on the top of the foot. If it is worn, we can change it.

Change the heel strap on custom-made footpockets  :

Over time, this strap can tear. If the tear has not damaged the sides of the footpocket, we can cut it off and replace it with a new one that is glued to the outside.

If you want to do it yourself

Adjust the footpocket :

Mark the current setting with a pencil.

To remove the heel strap, the straps are not glued in the middle, insert a large screwdriver and by wiggling it make the glue points jump

And watch the video below :

Change the water rails :

1. Tear off the old water rails. Scrape off any remaining glue with a scraper

2. Clean with solvent (acetone)

3. Sand the surfaces to be glued lightly

4. Apply a thin line of glue to the edge of the canopy on each side in the centre of the area to be covered by the profile - use a cyanocarylate glue (Super Glue, Loctite, Cyanolite ...)

5. Open the water rail and position it by smoothing it with your index finger on the edge of the blade. Then press it down strongly for 6 to 8 seconds, if necessary use clamps.

Very clean surfaces are required for the bonding to take place.

Set a Beuchat Mundial Footpocket

Set a Pathos footpocket