An innovations tale - Season 2
An innovations tale - Season 2 PUSH YOUR LIMITS

The development of Breier


Always looking for a better performance, Eric BREIER will develop a revolutionary footpocket : the FLEXOR.

The footpocket is mounted on a pivot to orientate the foot and therefore improve the thrust when pushing up the fin.


Installation of hot-pressed decors instead of airbrush designs.


Development of a fins range  for underwater hockey and rugby with the invention of the AST. Little by little, all the national teams adopted them.


Beginning of the collaboration with Philippe CROIZON, the symbol of our mission: "to help you push your limits".
Pushing doesn’t mean going beyond, it is about making mentally and physically possible what wasn’t the day before.
If there is one person who can truly symbolize what it means ‘to push one’s limits’, it is Philippe CROIZON.
Amputated of the four limbs following a terrible accident, he launched a crazy and symbolic challenge: to swim the five continents.
It is an extraordinary mental and physical performance. How to find the resources, as one’s life has just changed, to accomplish a feat that very few able-bodied swimmers would just dare to try ?

18 September 2010, he swam across the English Channel in less than 14 hours.

De Mai à Août 2012 : l’expédition « Nager au-delà des frontières » :
• Oceania - Asia, in May 2012,  he swam from Papua New Guinea to Indonesia in seven-and-a-half hours.

• Africa – Asia, in June, he crossed the Red Sea from Egypt to Jordan, in about 5 hours.

• Europe – Africa in July he completed his Straits of Gibraltar crossing, from Tarifa, Spain, to land near the city of Tangier, Morocco in "just over five hours."

• Asia – America, on 17 August, he completed the  swim across the Bering Strait in one hour and 20 minutes.

To contribute to the success of this feat, BREIER also had to push its limits and meet a technological challenge:

It took six months of work to move from the fins designed for the able-bodied to those optimized for Philippe Croizon.
Two major difficulties had to be resolved. First of all, the two stumps of the swimmer are not of the same strength, so we needed dissymmetrical fins.
On the other hand, his way of palmer is different from ours, because we have a joint, the ankle, while the attachment of fin of Philippe Croizon is fixed. This creates places of great tension, and our fins all broke at the junction between the fastener and the fin.
We had to add fabrics with specific orientations to strengthen the whole.

These fins consist of eight layers assembled and oriented specifically according to the zones. At the same time, we lightened the trailing edge (the part of the fin that is furthest away from the swimmer), to increase the yield of the kick. The most rigid area, close to the body, is thus 1.6 mm thick, and the trailing edge, only 0.3 mm.

This adventure also illustrates the vision we share with our team: no matter what level you start from, with support, training and desire, everyone can push one's limits!


3D design and development of our first wing monofin

Frédéric SESSA beats the world record for horizontal dynamic apnea (254 m)


Homar LEUCI breaks the world record for constant weight freediving (-97 m)


Adeline Hachet becomes World Champion in Whitewater Swimming


Development and manufacturing of our first model of underwater hockey sticks


Switch to digital cutting for more complex cuts and greater possibilities for fiber orientation


New manufacturing process for our competition front snorkels


Development of our mouth guard for rugby and underwater hockey