Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Carbon fiber is interesting for its energy return. In the 'Heart' of the blade, where we create its hardness, it is useless. We prefer to use glass fiber for the heart and increase the quality level of our carbon fibers in the rest of the blade to offer the excellence of carbon at a more accessible price. We foster the external carbon layers for mechanical effects.

No.  Majority of the 100 % carbon blades are done with different layers of unidirectional prepreg. (UD).Mechanical properties in all directions of these prepregs are lower. Therefore you have to add layers in different directions to gain some resistance. It is not because you have a higher number of layers that the blade is better. It depends on the weight and the quality of each layer. We use weaved fabrics with different weights for our blades.

UD carbon fabrics can be cheaper than Glass fiber fabrics …

No, the strength of the blade depends on the quality of materials and the positioning of the different layers. A poor quality fiber glass fin can be more fragile than a carbon’s one.

No.  Stiffness is based on the blade’s structure, not on material.

No.  Fibers are broken, it is impossible to repair them. If you have small tears on the edge, you can sand them. If the tear is more important send us a picture and we will see what is feasible

Yes, the more levels of hardness that are offered, the more the athlete can find a fin that will allow him or her to optimise their physical expenditure in relation to their objectives.

All custom-made blades and footpockets are made in our workshop.
We buy the closed heel footpockets from our partner brands.
We also manufacture our hockey sticks in our workshop
Mouthguards are made nearby (an injection machine is very expensive and we don't have enough volume to make it profitable)
We buy our apparel line.

Fins are not over-packaged, they are placed in a shipping box or given as is if you pick them up at the workshop.

Our boxes are recyclable and where possible we reuse the boxes of customers who have sent us their fins for repair.

For the moment, we have not found a recycling channel. We are working on this subject.  Our current response is to offer products known for their longevity (we change the footpockets on fins that are more than 15 years old every month !) and if a fin breaks or a footpocket wears out, we just change what is necessary.
If you know of a company that uses prepreg or rubber scraps, we are interested.

Yes of course, just make an appointment to make sure we are open (we are closed on weekends). But beware, you will not be able to leave with fins, we manufacture on demand and unless we have made a mistake, we do not have stocks !

t is not compulsory !  It depends on where you practice (pool/sea) and how sensitive your feet are. For people who are going to use fins for the first time, we still recommend it for comfort. Neoprene socks or ankle socks of 1 or 2 mm will do.

If you order custom-made footpockets, it is imperative to take the measurements with the socks you will be wearing to practice and to specify the type of socks (thin cotton, lycra, neoprene, neoprene > 5 mm etc ...)

Yes you can, for more details see the  repairs section.

Yes, it is possible, for more details see the repairs section.

In general, the size indicated by the manufacturer corresponds to the size of a city shoe but with a 3 mm neoprene sock. If you are a size 40 but you swim barefoot, you will have to take a size smaller. In any case, you should really try the footpocket on.

For some brands, manufacturers have provided measurement charts to help you choose the right size:




No, the strength of the blade depends on the quality of the fabrics, their weave and the layers positioning. A harder blade just has different layers lengths than a softer blade.

No. Our classic custom footpocket is mounted on a blade that has no angle and cannot fit with any other type of footpocket. For the hybrid custom footpocket, the blade has an angle but the shape of the blade is different and cannot accommodate another type of footpocket either.

No. Classic custom footpockets can only be fitted to blades without angles and hybrid ones to bladess with a specific shape.

Yes. They can be adjusted, to some extent, on the instep and on the length. See the repair page