The constant search for performance

The brand has been able to convince the most demanding sport participants by constantly questioning the existing and by innovating.

Every day we seek for the best solution to make our products more efficient.
It is this same passion for performance that drives us to minimize our environmental footprint.

While ensuring the sustainability of our jobs and the development of our brand, we want, as on the first day, to continue to make our manufacturing processes more virtuous.

We manufacture on demand. We source as close as possible. We are testing new, more ecological materials. We seek to limit and valorize our waste.
We do not have a miracle solution but we have the will to progress every day.


Even if we export our swimfins all over the world, we want to build a close relationship with our customers to best meet their needs

Using our know-how, our experience and our ability to innovate, we offer them the fin that best suits their needs, whether it is to break records or for the pleasure of being in the water.

This commitment is based on the quality of our products, our listening and our service.

We are not open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You won't get always an instant response to your messages. We are not always available on the phone and sometimes we are even on vacation!

But you will always be in contact with passionate people who will do their best to satisfy you.


We have been manufacturing our fins in our workshop in Brittany for over 20 years.

All operations are done on site. It is the guarantee for us to be able to control and improve every day our manufacturing processes to offer the best product.
Excellence takes time.

Quality is based on the craftsmanship of each member of our team. It is the right gesture that makes the right product. Quality is controlled at each step and a non-conforming product will be eliminated.

This demand for quality enables us to offer reliable fins that last a long time. This durability is our contribution as a manufacturer to limit overconsumption and to promote second hand.