Freediving beyond records

The Blue Soul (L'Ame bleue)



A professional fireman in Brest and a top-level freediver, Laurent Marie has chosen to give another dimension to his sport by using it as a projector and a link between people.

Passionate about the sea in general and the Poles in particular, Laurent Marie created the Ame Bleue association in 2012 with his father Joel and his brother Vincent.

L'Ame Bleue organizes expeditions: Antarctica 2013, Ice-cold Immersions 2014, Nunavut ,from one pole to another 2015/2016, Scoresby Sund Greenland 2016, An Ice World 2018, Invisible Harmonies 2020.


In the course of these expeditions, the Blue Soul team has discovered an unsuspected wealth of flora and fauna, through unobtrusive apnea dives in breathtaking settings. 

Over the course of their expeditions, they have witnessed the speed at which the environment is deteriorating.

To stop this collapse of life, we need to talk about it. Each expedition gives rise to the production of media aimed at the general public and younger audiences. Their films 'Un Monde de Glace' and 'Les Harmonies Invisibles' have won awards at numerous festivals, where the excellence of their work is widely recognized.

Laurent Marie's visits to schools are a great success, and his passion for sharing has also led the association to publish children's books.

L'Ame Bleue's originality lies in spending a great deal of time with the local population to understand their own perception of their environment, their relationship with the sea and the legends that surround it. Passionate about their sport, the team also likes to introduce the more curious to the practice of freediving.

We are particularly attached to this fine association of enthusiasts who have chosen freediving, beauty and smiles to defend the environment.


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