Discovering Underwater Hockey

Underwater hockey is a little-known but exciting sport that is gaining popularity around the world. Invented by the English, it is a derivative of ice hockey.

How do we play?

It is played in teams of 10, 6 in the water and 4 substitutes with an underwater referee to watch the game. Players wear a mask, fins, snorkel and a protective glove. They use a stick to move the puck and shoot to place it in the opponent's goal. Attacker, defender, pivot, each has a specific role to play with in the team.

where to practice ?

Underwater hockey is played all over the world, although South Africa, Turkey, Australia, the United Kingdom, France and New Zealand are the leading countries.

At a high level, it is an intense sport that requires an excellent physical shape, a great tactical sense and a good coordination because one cannot obviously talk to each other underwater!

It is a very friendly sport that can be practiced at any age and whatever your physical condition as long as you are comfortable underwater.

How does it work ?

Directed and supervised by the international federation of underwater hockey within the CMAS. The hockey is then set up by the national federations in each country.

This activity can also be practiced in natural environment, which can make it more exciting. Thus, some players have already played in difficult conditions, such as icy waters or strong currents, which requires great determination and excellent physical shape. 

In conclusion, underwater hockey is an amazing sport that offers an innovative and above all non-traumatic practice for the body. 

In 2023, the next important event for underwater hockey will be the World Championships in July in Australia.

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