Discovering Sport Diving

Sport diving :

Sport diving is a scuba diving discipline that takes place exclusively in swimming pools.

WHAT IS that?

This aquatic discipline offers a dynamic and innovative approach. It combines technique, speed and agility in a controlled environment to achieve predefined objectives. Sport diving offers a thrilling and accessible experience for all diving and pool enthusiasts.


Sport diving in swimming pools is regulated by the World Confederation of Underwater Activities (CMAS). CMAS, founded in 1959, is the international organization that oversees and develops various underwater disciplines, including sport diving. In France, the FFESSM supervises and organizes the various competitions (in partnership with the clubs).

LEarn and play

The sport diving takes place in a regulation-sized pool and is made up of different events. Competitors, equipped with fins, mask, snorkel, bottles, etc., complete courses. Competitions include speed, technique and coordination tests, where participants must perform precise movements, pass through submerged hoops, retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool, etc. This sport combines team and individual events, now it's up to you !

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