Discovering Spearfishing

Spearfishing is an aquatic sport that consists of diving underwater to catch fish, crustaceans and other marine animals using a harpoon.

How to practice ?

In addition to the harpoon, the spearfishing must also be equipped with a mask, adapted fins and often a wetsuit. A certain amount of physical strength, apnea skills and a certain amount of skill are required to succeed.

What are the rules to respect?

Spearfishing can be practiced recreationally or in competition. In both cases, it is important to respect the rules established to protect the marine resources and guarantee the safety of the divers :

  • La plongée doit uniquement être pratiquée en apnée
  • Seuls les harpons à une pointe sont autorisés en compétition. Il est interdit d'utiliser des armes à feu, des grenades ou tout autre objet explosif (!)
  • Il est interdit de pêcher les espèces protégées ou en danger d'extinction (tortues de mer, dauphins, baleines, requins..) 
  • Les plongeurs ne doivent pas perturber ou endommager les écosystèmes marins
  • Il est très fortement conseillé de la pratiquer au moins à deux avec l’un des deux plongeurs toujours en surface et qui observe l’autre

Who is supervising?

CMAS sets the rules and standards for international spearfishing competitions. It also works to promote and develop the sport worldwide.

Several important international competitions take place every year. The next ones will be :

  • World Championship will be held in September in Spain
  • World Club Championship in Croatia

And the records?...

  • The largest fish ever caught: the world record belongs to John Pengelly, an Australian who in 2016 caught a 109 kg 'dogtooth' tuna in Polynesia.
  • The smallest fish ever caught: it is the pygmy pilot fish, which is only 2.5 cm long caught by a diver in Malaysia.

To conclude :

Decriminated by some, spearfishing, when practiced in a reasonable way, has a very low impact on the world fish population. Some populations see it as a way to survive, others as a way to have fun. By respecting the rules, everyone will find his account ...

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