Discovering Finswimming

Finswimming can be practiced in a pool, river, or sea. The latter two are referred to as open water swimming. This discipline has its own unique features, which will be covered in another post.

What is finswimming?

how to practice ?

Finswimming can be done with bifins or monofin and races range from sprints to long distance. The diversity of events requires proper equipment in terms of length and rigidity of the fin. Finswimming is accessible to everyone and can be learned by beginners by following proper training and using safety equipment.

There's probably a club near you!

Where to practice ?​

You can discover this discipline and find all the information you need to practice on your country's federation website or on the international CMAS federation website!

Loving this sport and understanding the problems faced by practitioners, we want to provide them with THE necessary equipment to practice correctly and effectively. Pool or open water, we can equip you, and with our selector, even more precisely based on your body shape.

There's no excuse not to practice now!

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