Meet Morgane Le Roux

Morgane LE ROUX, a top-level athlete, instructor and member of the French Sport Diving team, ...

Just a few days before the start of the 2023 Worlds in Estonia, find out more about this champion !

who are you ?

My name is Morgane Le Roux, I'm 34 and I'm an engineer.

I've been sport diving at the Hippocampe club in Massy (91 - IDF) for 15 years now and I've also got my MF2.

Achievements :

6 international selections since 2016

Multiple French Champion since 2015.

Multiple French records since 2015, 4 of which still stand: 

  • 100m immersion (2015), 
  • 23m Emersion (2019), 
  • 200m Trial (2022)  
  • 50m Emersion (2022). 

(the 100m immersion and 23m emersion are no longer held in the French championship).

why sport diving ?

I discovered the activity at an instructor's meeting, and I was immediately hooked on the concept: you could finally do everything that was forbidden in technical diving! Above all, I saw it as a way of having fun by combining fun and racing. Right from the start, we got hooked on the time trial and quickly moved on to competition. 

Aside from the competition and performance aspects, it's also a marvellous teaching tool for diving clubs. It's a fun way for our instructors and scuba instructors to enhance their "pool" sessions.

Your best memory?

Of course, the most moving thing is to hear the Marseillaise on an international podium.

But in the end, the most beautiful victories are those where you win the race by a few hundredths, sometimes it comes down to one hand...

And let's not forget team victories.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out on their journey to the top?

Don't hesitate to come and meet the more experienced sports divers, who will be delighted to share their experiences and techniques.

Work on technical gestures and renew yourself if necessary to find automatisms.

Don't set your goals too high, so as not to get discouraged or demotivated, and above all keep having fun practicing.

What do you like about the competition?

You can perform well in individual events and have a great time in pairs and relays, because you always give your best as part of a team.

What I like about the club is the mix of male and female divers, from 11 to 60+, from gold divers to MF2s, men and women, but above all we're a team.

And above all, it's to rediscover the friendly atmosphere that exists between clubs, because over the years we've come to know and encourage each other... That's also the spirit of PSP.

How do you reconcile the demands of top-level competition when you're an amateur?

It's not easy, because we don't have the status of top-level sportsmen and women, with all the special arrangements that go with it.

Throughout the season, I train with the rest of my team 2 or 3 times a week. When there's an international event coming up, my club and my team allow me to have a small swim lane to increase the intensity of my sessions without disturbing the other members of the team.

What are your next goals?

World Championship in Estonia, August 8-12, 2023.

I still hope to shine in the individual events. 

There's great potential for performance on our relay teams and on the 100m obstacle in pairs, which requires technique and power.

We don't know which nations will be taking part, but PSP is a sport that has developed in recent years in countries such as Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus and Russia, and who knows, maybe other neighbouring countries will come and challenge the competition. 

Whatever the case, the human and sporting adventures will be great to experience and share.

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