François Chauvel, a legend of underwater target shooting

An impressive track record

Through an exceptional career, François has made his mark in the world of underwater target shooting. A former basketball player, he discovered this discipline in 1997 and quickly distinguished himself through his mastery of apnea, concentration, and precision.

With an impressive record of 47 national titles and multiple international distinctions, François continues to push the boundaries of this little-known sport. In this interview, he shares his journey, his advice for beginners, and his ambitious plans for the future.

What initially attracted you to this sport ?

In 1997, after a basketball career, I discovered the silent world and its underwater practices. It all started with apnea, which was a real revelation for me.

Then, I explored spearfishing and, finally, underwater target shooting. This sport requires mastery of apnea, concentration, and precision in shooting, which greatly benefited my spearfishing.

How do you see the future of underwater target shooting ?

This sport is little known, partly due to the lack of motivated trainers. We need to strengthen the recognition and development of shooting in all pools, as it is a very beneficial sport.

What advice would you give to beginners ?

Practicing target shooting is an asset for those who want to practice spearfishing. It's the best way to learn to manage the spear gun and to get to know oneself better.

Apnea and concentration are essential, but there's also regularity, self-improvement, and self-esteem. It's not the spear gun that makes the competitor, but the management of different factors so that the shot is accurate.


Your greatest pride ?

To have been among the best French athletes for over 18 years but especially to have developed the clubs where I trained and brought a large number of competitors to a high level.

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