Protecting Nature, It Will Reward You

José Sánchez Carrique, is an experienced spearfisherman who has already caught extraordinary fish.

For José, spearfishing is a passion, but it's also a responsibility. Each dive is an opportunity not only to catch fish but also to preserve the beauty and fragility of marine life by picking up the trash he sees.

Discovering the Monkfish

In the depths of the Mediterranean Sea lurks a mysterious and formidable predator: the monkfish. This strange fish, also known as "anglerfish," is distinguished by its ability to perfectly camouflage itself in its environment.

 With a wide mouth full of sharp teeth, the monkfish is a formidable predator that feeds on smaller fish. Its scaly skin and dark color allow it to blend into rocky seabeds, where it patiently waits with a unique strategy to lure its prey: it has a luminous bait dangling above its mouth.

This lure, composed of small bioluminescent organs, attracts curious fish that think they have found an easy prey. However, as soon as they approach to inspect the bait, the monkfish reveals itself and engulfs them in a swift strike.

An Unexpected Encounter

During a routine dive over 40 meters below the sea surface, José was intrigued by an unusual movement among the rocks. Thinking at first it was debris, he approached to pick it up, but quickly realized it wasn't an abandoned latex glove but turned out to be the bait of a giant monkfish, suddenly opening its gaping mouth and revealing its impressive size. IAfter a moment of mixed surprise and admiration, José realized he was dealing with an exceptional specimen of this formidable deep-sea predator.

 Measuring over a meter in length and weighing more than 34 kilograms, this monkfish was much more than just a hunting trophy.

A Lesson in Preservation

José's fishing experience demonstrates how protecting nature can lead to extraordinary discoveries and a deeper connection with the world around us.

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