Meet josé Sanchez Carrique

" In spearfishing, I like the contact with participants from all over the world, and the conviviality with other spearos "


My name is Jose Sanchez Carrique, I was born in Aguilas, a village in Murcia (Spain), a few meters from the seaside, and I've been living there ever since.

Today, I work as an accountant in a family transport company and as a professional diver.

I've been freediving since the age of 8, and I'm now 31.

HOw this passion came about ?

I decided to take up spearfishing because, ever since I was a child, I've loved and been attracted by everything to do with the sea and fishing.

Sportfishing gives me the opportunity to exchange ideas with spearfishers from other parts of the world, and to share good times with others.

I started this sport when I was a child, when every summer day I'd go down to the beach with my mother, with a mask and fins she'd bought me, "she was my great support in this sport".

That's when I made myself a sort of trident with a broomstick and a fork attached to the end (which I had when I was a kid).

The best catch of all ?

My favorite technique: stalking and hole fishing, especially for grouper and large dentex, which sometimes rest on ledges where I catch them by practicing long stalks.

My best memory is when I caught my first grouper, after watching it for several weeks, when I was only 12, on a beach near my home, without thinking about it, I ran home with my costume to show it to my mother, who was very happy.

The most difficult fish was a record-breaking 14-kilo urta that I caught in one day of fishing,

This is a fish that rarely weighs more than 8 kilos and it was a great joy to catch such a big fish of this species.

a word of advice for novices ?

My favorite places are the cliffs, as you never know what you might find in these radical changes of depth, as well as some of the shallows that rise up from very deep areas just a few meters from the surface.

One piece of advice I'd give to young people starting out in this sport is not to be guided by freediving times, nor by the depths reached by certain athletes.

Everyone has their own level and progression in this sport, which shouldn't be forced.

"A fish isn't worth a life".


Any plans for the future?

For the future, I just want to continue to grow as a sportsman and as a person in this sport that has given me so much satisfaction.

Finally, I'd like to thank the entire BREIER team for giving me this great opportunity to join you. For me, it's an honor to be an official ambassador of your brand,

For 13 years I've been using my 760 series for all my fishing days and in my competitions, the blades are impeccable but the footpockets need changing. I'm very happy with my new 820 series for deep dives.

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