How to choose your spearfishing fins ?

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An adapted pair of fins is not a 'no-fail' insurance but it can help!

Questions to ask yourself ​

To make the right choice, you need to answer 4 questions:

  • Which fin length ?
  • Which hardness ?
  • Which material ?
  • Which footpockets ?

Which fin length ?

The length of the canopy will depend on the depth at which you hunt most often and whether you hunt from the shore or the boat. For example, the 820s are not at all suited to surface travel.

Which hardness ?​

The hardness of the fins will be determined by your size, the depth you are aiming for and whether you start from the shore or the boat. Harder fins give more power and therefore allow you to go deeper but they are also much more tiring to move on the surface. We offer 5 a hardnesses for hunting.

Which materials ?

For the material, the budget criterion will obviously be taken into account. A pair of quality fiberglass is often enough. Carbon has a better performance, it requires less effort for the same propulsion, so it will be very appreciated for long rides. We offer 2 types of fiberglass and 2 types of carbon fiber.

Which footpockets ?​

Finally, we offer 6 different lasts, which no other brand does.

To each his priorities, comfort or performance. Each liner has its advantages and disadvantages, you have to try it!

Which footpockets ?

So it's not so easy to choose a pair of fins that suits you...

Fortunately, we can help you with our selector that takes into account all these variables:

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