• Rinse thoroughly after each use:

Proper care of your fins is important to ensure their durability and to maintain their performance. Whether it's a footpocket or a blade, fiberglass or carbon, you must take care of them and rinse them thoroughly after each use. This will allow you to remove the remains of salt, sand, sea water and chlorine that  damage their surface and affect performance.

Sea water contains minerals, impurities, sand, ... that can alter your composite fins. This damage is irreversible. You must therefore take care of them. In the pool, same recommendation, chlorine is not your friend !

So taking 5 minutes after each use to rinse your fins is not a waste of time, it is the assurance of keeping your fins and footpockets performing well for a long time.

  • You must dry them completely before storing them to avoid damage to the material:

Even if they have been rinsed with clean water, we recommend that you leave them to rest for 1 hour after each use. This will remove any moisture from their surface and prevent them from degrading.

It is also important to store your fins in a dry and moisture-free place. If you can't store them immediately after use, wrap them in a dry cloth to protect them.

Fins don't like heat, so don't leave them in the trunk of your car in direct sunlight.

In countries with high humidity, do not coat them with Vaseline as is sometimes recommended. Vaseline damages the rubber. It is better to store them with moisture-absorbing bags.

By taking good care of your fins, you can extend their life and enjoy their optimal performance for many years. Remember, proper care of your fins is essential to ensure their performance and durability.