This is a question that many athletes ask themselves when it comes to investing in composite fins.

Each of the materials has advantages and disadvantages, let's quickly compare them:

  • Resilience: this is the ability of a material to return to its original shape when you stop stressing it. Clearly, a carbon fiber fin will provide a much better performance because it returns more energy (10 to 15% more) than a fiberglass fin. For the same physical effort, it will allow a more efficient movement.
  • Strength: Both materials are very resistant to bending and twisting. Fins can be scratched easily but this does not affect their performance at all. Carbon or glass, they can break if you lean on the fin while it is blocked.
  • Durability: tie game. Both fins will keep all their qualities for many years. On the other hand, neither of them like to stay in the sun for a long time nor to be trampled on a pontoon!
  • The price: advantage fiberglass which is less expensive than a carbon fiber fin.
  • Weight: never neglect it if you have to go out or train for several hours or if you have to take a plane... The advantage of a carbon fin is that it is lighter than a fiberglass fin. But be careful, what makes the weight of the fin, it is especially the footpocket!

For pure performance, carbon fiber is recommended but... a good fiberglass fin will already allow you to progress considerably.